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2012-4-25 08:26 upload and download the attachment (96.55 KB) yesterday we have just seen a Nike Dunk High LR red / grey product, if you feel that in the summer will be hot and upper case, choose the Nike Dunk as the new Low LR, the new shoes on the grey suede material at the same time, the wood, black suede heel and collocation Swoosh package and dazzling red lining decoration, large base of seemingly different rubber vulcanization sole on the color, but can not be ignored is this shoe in the name of "LR", which represents the join of the built-in Lunarlon technology in the insole, so is the same a very content of the shoes. This section is now available on Premier, and friends who like you can pay attention to it. in today's NBA arena, "Warcraft" Howard is known as "Superman", but in the shoes of the world, the little emperor James is no exception. This Nike Zoom LeBron 3 Superman section explains all this. Although this kind of shoes has not been regarded as a new shoes, the color matching at this moment is really bright. I hope the little emperor will be able to wear the Superman shoes of such colors one day and play in the NBA. Now there's a pair of shoes with size 13 on sale at eBay, and a favorite friend can take care of it.Nike Nike Co-Lab is the creative team for the Beijing Olympic games like a raging fire, the three artists invited to create again 2006 "Air U Breath Pack hot products": Kevin Lyons, Ben Drury, Hitomi Yokoyama, the latest series of "cooperation between the Inte rated Story Pack". Air Max 90 Current of this series flagship product, the other the same number of collocation Windrunner and Tee. each artist individually with the number "8" interpretation of their hearts of the Beijing Olympic games. British born artist Hitomi Gimme has diverse creation between Goodenou and H 5 UK as design, this time he designed a series of symbolic patterns and geometric patterns. In addition to design printed in grey mesh shoes outside, is also connected to the main body of the shoe shoes, mainly black and white color and purple Nike logo embellishment. Now in the designated "Quick Strike" retail outlets, such as Berlin's verkill launched the cocoon store shelves. 001.jpg (29.38 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2008-8-20 10:22 upload 002.jpg (34.32 KB, download number: 0) downlo Cheap air jordans for sale ad attachments saved to the album 2008-8-20 10:22 upload 003.jpg (49.46 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2008-8-20 10:22 upload 004.jpg (50.81 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2008-8-20 10:22 upload Adidas Basketball officially released in New York, Chicago and Losangeles three city as a color inspiration to create the "big city" series of shoes. Both the east coast and the Midwest, or the west coast, every region has a pair of adiZero Crazy Light 2 and Top Ten 2000. 0.jpg (50.15 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2012-12-8 08:33 upload 1.jpg (34.71 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2012-12-8 08:33 upload 2.jpg (32.43 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2012-12-8 08:33 upload 3.jpg (34.97 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2012-12-8 08:33 Adidas in Losangeles, Chicago post, and the west coast, CrazyJordan Brand Samantha Baker earlier PR team members share a piece of Air Jordan XXX on foot with real photos, this version of the first NBA all star in February this year during the week, when Toronto brand stores 306 YONGE display (station reported), and it will be the 30 generation of the third color sale city. The knitted fabric adopts a calm and all black tone, just like putting on a formal dress, showing a gentleman like elegant atmosphere. The shoes side plastic stabilizing film is the design that maintains the starry sky style, and becomes the most striking existence in the low-key. This color is scheduled for April 16th in the United States listed, model: 811006-010, priced at 200 yuan; Air Jordan XXX Taiwan, priced at 7600 yuan. source: samantha_mbakerThe Kobe Bryant travel to visit Taiwan really quite compact, but regardless of their charm, so the compression stroke seems to burst out of the spark is different, the first to seize the opportunity to see the idol of the fans of action touching, then Kobe Bryant interviewed on various occasions to share their ideas are quite valuable precious, especially many answers are quite honest, this article sorted out the small participation or obtained by the official interview information with you to enjoy this shoe prospecting Black Mamba bring exactly wha Cheap foamposites for sale t cyclone scrapings worth knowing information. IT 'S, ALL, ABOUT, SHOES played last year, and Fan Honghao, a participant, was inspired by Kobe last year, especially Kobe, who said, "you think the flaw is where you've won someone else."! Inspired him, so this year he had the opportunity to design a gift for Kobe, he worked hard to inject a comprehensive design concept for the work. Fan Honghao in Kobe Bryant last year in the black mamba stadium to bring his inspiration for design inspiration, to create exclusive color KOBE Venomenon 5 presented to Kobe, the tongue color of the Kobe Logo by grassroots green, gradually evolved strong growth for the full energy yellow, orange, red and reached the peak, dominating the peach red, finally become the legendary purple wings wings; on behalf of van Hong Hao although the right hand defect but still love basketball and dream fly; shoe body on the red flame is the enthusiasm for basketball; and the word "Dreams" is the sole representative in Nike played tricks achieve a lot of dreams. NIKE Hu Di hang an extravagant Xia?? _ Yu He Kobe Bryant Zhen krypton fine? Rotten fat wa slip spoon?? induced by Di cavity?? Ye _ Bo Tiao? Dai Lake dike is much Tian?? KOBE Venomenon 5_ Kobe Shen Kabuki cavity at NIKE lake have an Xia hang? _? Yu Jing Zhen Kobe Bryant He krypton? Rotten fat wa slip spoon?? induced by Di cavity?? Ye _ Bo Tiao? Dai Lake dike is much Tian?? KOBE Venomenon 5_ Kobe Shen Kabuki cavity at NIKE Hu Di hang an extravagant Xia?? _ Yu He Kobe Bryant Zhen krypton fine? Rotten fat wa slip spoon?? induced by Di cavity?? Ye _ Bo Tiao? Dai Lake dike is much Tian?? KOBE Venomenon 5_ Kobe Shen Kabuki cavity at 002NIKE lake have an Xia hang? _? Yu Jing Zhen Kobe Bryant He krypton? Rotten fat wa slip spoon?? induced by Di cavity?? Ye _ Bo Tiao? Dai Lake dike is much Tian?? KOBE Venomenon 5_ Kobe Shen Kabuki cavity, 002 NIKE Hu Di hang an extravagant Xia?? _ Yu He Kobe Bryant Zhen krypton fine? Rotten fat wa slip spoon?? induced by Di cavity?? Ye _ Bo Tiao? Dai Lake boat Tian di?? is KOBE Venom〉 cavity.Michael Jackson to Smooth Criminal music tape in 45 degree tilt in the hearts of the people left a deep impression, the one and only dance widely discussed at the time, in addition to become the representative of the day after the trademark legend very classic, also left many questions for us Cheap jordans online air jordan 11 blackout for sale , whether he is to resist gravity ?The magic show was in recently revealed that the secret behind the feet is the 'shoes'. Seemingly ordinary shoes, in fact, we can not see the place with special structure, through the design of the latest release for us to do a detailed explanation, the original groove in the bottom of the heel can rise with tenon on the stage of jointing, provide enough supporting force to the barbs, let dancers can the safety of leaning forward, so turned out to know the answer after the action in the still admirable. With the rapid development of science and technology, more and more technologies can be used, and it is expected that there will be more amazing performances in the future. source: Solecollectoradidas D Howard 4 is currently releasing a new color scheme! With a black shoe collocation red gradation, so that the original D Howard 4 with the muscles more murderous, and this is also in line with the Rockets color color feeling. Expect to see more new colors coming on! This color can now be purchased from the official website of Adidas abroad, and there is no information about the sale in Taiwan. source: adidas do not know you did yesterday and lovers had a sweet Valentine's day? Each holiday for each brand is a great opportunity to launch the theme color shoes, Valentine's Day is a very good topic, foreign websites? Solecollector special finishing 10 duplex when classic Valentine's day color shoes let everyone from memory, basketball shoes, jogging shoes, skateboard shoes to have a good work, but the ten double when the small series is a favorite of Nike? Air Max 95 Valentine's day? It is like a necklace, advertising will be the double color of love when you really are tongue attractive, also choose one double your love on Valentine's day color shoes. 10. Reebok Question - Valentine Day 9. SB Dunk Low 's Pro Valentine' s Day - 8. Air Jordan 5 Retro - Valentine s Day 7. Nike Dunk Low "Valentine" s Day 20056. Nike Air Force 1 Low - Valentine s Day 20045. Nike Dunk Low "Valentine" s Day 20044. Nike Air Max 95 - Valentine s Day 20043. New Balance 996 - Valentine Day 2. Curtis Kulig x s Vans Love Me Collection Nike Air 1. - Force 1 Low - Valentine s Day 200311 11 months because of the significance of numbers in the past few years Chinese gradually developed into singles, also belong to the singles h Retro jordans for sale oliday; but there are also many lovers can choose each other on this day for life, as a symbol of life, undivided attention love will never change, but not on what kind of explanation, I to come from the sincere emotion of desire and performance, launched a Air Jordan 13 Retro Jordan Brand this time with love as the theme, male and female models set so that we both want to wear shoe lovers or to ads are very suitable, of course, if you are single and not so do not be discouraged, at least... And my favorite sneakers to accompany you, me. (laughs). what is love? Love is at the end of the buzzer, is to let all questioned the silence slam dunk; love for basketball game is the best, as if there is a war; love is also the game under the eyes at the intersection of the eyebrows, together in the course of flying with certainty. on this special day in November 11th, Jordan Brand launched Air Jordan 13 'What Is Love' series, once again interpreted the love of basketball and sneakers. This series includes the new colors of Air Jordan 13, Retro men, women's shoes and Tee. The shoe color design is closely related to Tee printing, and again emphasizes the importance of love and passion for Jordan Brand. This suit in Air Jordan 13 Retro men's leather upper part after special treatment, after wearing for a period of time, the black leather part will appear with the basketball "panda panda weaving" camouflage pattern, this pattern fusion of Oriental culture and love for love shoes shoes, also deduced "Love of the Game" meaning: when you're passionate basketball, you can experience the more wonderful. The series in men's Bred black color is a tribute to the original style and innovation of Air Jordan 13, a girl with Tiffany Blue style shoes, hope fans can deal with the general value of jewelry like shoes, also cherish the beloved person. more Air Jordan 13 "What Is Love" series release information, please continue to pay attention to Jordan Brand Taiwan Facebook official fan page of the latest news. according to the different status of each person, tailored dress sense has been like all kinds of sports shoes by the pursuit of the ultimate goal, PUMA last weekend in New York issued a new NETFIT technology, different from the previous traditional lace design, NETFIT on the outer surface of the shoe body mesh material as lace holes. Through the o cheap foamposites fficial video we share can understand, form and breadth of NETFIT rope tying make more diverse without restrictions, different ways to realize the function of user needs through, and this technology will be widely used in different footwear products in various fields. , One, shoe., Infinite, styles., Meet, #NETFIT., See, more, in, today, lacing, s, Instagram, story.,, #LacedUp A, post, shared, by, PUMA (@puma), on, May 4, 2017, at, 8:08pm, PDT PUMA NETFIT will be published by the brand ambassador YesJulz chaired, the scene also invited to Usain Bolt, Bradley Wright-Phillips, Soccer City Ballet Dancer attended the New York delegation, and the media together to experience this new technology. talked about PUMA NETFIT, the world record holder for sprint Usain Bolt, who said: "the best thing about NETFIT is that it's customizable, and I can wear shoelaces in whatever way I want to.". Sometimes you'd like to design shoes that fit perfectly with your feet, and now you can. At the same time Usain Bolt to notice, held in London this summer's World Championships he will wear shoes with NETFIT technology. The Usain Bolt, will retire after the world championships, which means that PUMA NETFIT will become the sprinter sport combat boots, the more unique significance. PUMA currently running shoes also offers five different demand tie recommendations, including standard, emphasis on stability, strengthening, and ankle support if you are wide or narrow foot foot runners how to, of course, is more than the five methods, you can also play the ingenuity and creativity to create his Lacing System, said NETFIT is simple, so you can for your foot type custom coated feel most suitable. currently Speed IGNITE NETFIT has been sold on PUMA's official website, priced at $140, foreign June 1st will launch Puma 365 evoKNIT NETFIT, followed by 7〉 is the representative of the United States, I believe many people will think of such as Disney, Mcdonalds, Coca, Cola, or even Levi 's and Ford, but the reference to American popular culture, emerges in the mind of the stars and flag canvas shoes, is Converse All Star, both in the movie and music, with time the popular culture, Converse All Star, let the canvas shoes become America's major symbol. Marquis Mills Converse in 1908 from their surnames, in Massachusetts, founded Converse Rubber Shoe Company. Cheap foamposites for sale In 1917 Converse launched the first All-Star basketball shoes, high drum shoe body, texture and comfortable canvas, showing special rubber texture, and make the stars on behalf of the American flag, let Converse All Star became the designated brand American occupation basketball league, become synonymous with basket shoes.3 month 21 days, Cara Bao X-Box riding elite Finals run He Yiyu from Chengdu, Li Tietuo of Beijing not only won two Parkour skills competition, bicycle racing obstacle individual champion, two people ride the height difference between the most adorable combination collocation run pairing also won the championship match and creative, become the tournament's double combination. In addition, with the Arab Spring somersault 1.8 meters, the air over the gaosai Parkour championship by Song Hongwei from Hohhot. Get Parkour skills competition, bicycle obstacle race runner up and second runner up respectively the players including Tu Fenghao, Li Yiqi and Huang Wuyu, Guo Yaxin. is the two judges in the preliminary estimates will be the winner really deliver the goods he Yiyu easily won the championship, parkour single awards. A flowing set of choreographed movements, though not as difficult as Li Yiqi in the second runner up, wins in movement, cohesion, and continuity; in addition, individual, original, and innovative details also win favor with the referee. Ending action 4 meters high wall, he inadvertently gave the audience a little surprise many contrary to expectation, players choose the position of the box body under the tower, but he used to push the LED large screen rotation 4 meters high tower, routine shows a lot of good ideas, get the referee points. although the movement difficulty is third Li Yiqi slightly weaker, fluency Fenghao Tu set is very good, especially from the 2 meters high 5 somersault landing finish quality is very high, before the rain let the game become slippery ground, also have an effect on the player's performance, so from this high position and landing difficulty coefficient the power required to complete this action is much higher than usual, the unfavorable factors in the foot, the slide, Tu Tu can adhere to high quality, high level of color play, really touched the referee with the audience. racing bicycle obstacle preliminary performance slightly conservative Li Tie holder, then strive Cheap jordans online to enter the quarterfinals, focusing on stability, so the speed is not dominant. After the end of the preliminaries, he repeatedly watched and pondering his preliminary video, found that there are many points can speed up, turn around a little faster, landing angle can be adjusted in order to speed up. In the morning of the finals, it was in accordance with their experience in summing up the preliminary video, running in the field, practiced many times. In the final 33 seconds, 75 of the results proved that his self summary and improve the way very effective, and eventually won the final title. ran the creative competition in the middle of the ride, height 172 cm, weight 50.5 kg and he Yiyu 194 centimeters tall and weighing 97 kilograms of Li Tietuo which draw the most adorable height difference. Two a combination of action inertia rotation of the bicycle is leveraging the opening won the audience bursts of applause, after he Yiyu leaped across Li Tie Tottenham good bicycle triangle moves smoothly two man on the throne of creative champion. Li Tietuo said: "that can partner with him because he felt especially honored today in parkour field strength is very strong, also saw his game feel very exciting, I have a little like practicing parkour. The last riding, running together must be riding and running, combined together to have visual impact. The action I decided to cross the triangle I was then Street photographer Ari Marcopoulos has worked with and Adidas Skateboarding to launch a distinctive Bomber jacket and pair of skateboard shoes. From the design perspective, the two sides will sign Marcopoulos Ari the bright color filter as a visual theme, and the signature jacket ribbon and Navy Blue / yellow color is a disguised form of design Ari personal signature style. at the same time, the Ari also specifically for the CO produced a 1 minute trailer, the film not only shows the features of New York street, and Ari I and Supreme team members Tyshawn skaters were also photographed. To learn more about this series, click on the video to see: learned that this series or will be landing on March 4th Adidas Skateboarding official website and designated stores, like friends, please pay attention in advance. APP download [get], WeChat public number: [get movement tide], scan code with you into the forefront of Sneaker, fashion, more free shoes, true and false identification services, you experience!The heat check, a recently launched the consignment website. Now there is quite a lot of baby is pricing for sale, but most attention is definitely the double air yeezy. Reportedly, the yeezy Kanye in 2008 Grammy Night Pro version, and shoes now have Justin· Ashby, shoes along with special box, priced $75000. In the field of sneaker absolute claim to astronomical figures. get reloaded, search the app market, "get" to download the latest version, more information about shoes, more beauty pretty shoes, Nike grab shoes, true and false identification of shoes, cool T-shirt gold and get everything; detailed inquiry micro letter "dunkhome", "getdunkhome", micro Bo "when the guest," "getapp" and get our sports life!a few days later it will greet the new year joy, in the 2016 end of the year countdown to the occasion, it was time for the new year training target, UNDER ARMOUR recently in order to repay the majority of sports fans support, in December 30th to January 8, 2017 launched the "winter training equipment" includes the preferential discount. Jogging, basketball, golf training, etc. when the autumn and winter select designated goods seven fold, one can not miss the main styles: "Run Strong" shoes series - "SPEEDFORM? FORTIS 2", both sports and fashion and is suitable for all day long wearing "Street Precision" women's shoes, gym training training necessary "Charged Phenom 2" men's basketball training shoes and the best partner "Fire Shot" series shoes... So, a variety of goods to help people Goods are available in all varieties., choose appropriate sports equipment, at the same time, not afraid of cold air strikes in winter, make exercise more challenge limit, a tiger with wings added, beyond their own in 2017! UNDER ARMOUR winter training equipment promotions: In fact, as early as 2009 Air Jordan 1 Mid "Hare" have come out, but this time the return of the design team of preserving the elements and the details were slightly change, mark Hare Jordan pattern of the proportion is much bigger than the previous version, the tongue color is considered closer to the shoe body color. Through some small changes make people feel the design team new interpretation of the classic shoes. news source: hypebeastadidas Crazy Shadow 2 PE color no matter what a very amazing, this is a team of 76 people to Adidas?? Jrue Holiday to launch PE color shoes in 76 colors, the heel and the insole is totem name, also makes people quite looking forward to Adidas Crazy Shadow? The launch of the next 2 other players PE color. source: counterkicks?Color collocation is a refreshing ring is essential for many people in the middle of summer, Jordan Brand in this month once brought two pairs of shoes low for everyone, by Michael Jordan (University of North Carolina the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill alma mater) color as inspiration for the design, the color to be back on the crown of North Carolina blue word, this time with Air Jordan 2 and Air Jordan 9 as presented in before the official sale may wish to share taken by foreign websites EU KICKS shoes detail drawing! Taiwan will be the recent sale, interested persons can pay close attention to our exploration on follow-up for everyone finishing market report. source: EU KICKSAir Jordan Spizike OG will be sold in a particular store tomorrow, we all prospecting shoe currently has announced the sale to organize dealers to stay in the Facebook, the actual selling way and the place to store transaction mechanism please announcement. Wuchang 23 a wise movement in the world sports Frederick Harlem Yu sports Reagan - smile sports Reagen sports source: Nike both Adidas, Howard, D 4 sense of power and speed of Adidas Crazyquick, Adidas adiPure Crazyghost official picture officially unveiled! Joint endorsement by a group of young players Jrue Holiday, Harrison Barnes, Kenneth Faried Adidas adiPure Crazyghost uses lightweight upper make players move more quickly, the three layer SprintWeb contains a lightweight, breathable and provide good support, finally get the latest QuickZone outsole provides smoother cut effect players through the end of the configuration partition cutting! Taiwan has listed some color, price: 3490 yuan / and GoodsThe new adidas adiPure Crazyghost : advertising source: CounterkicksNike Hyperdunk 2016 Flyknit 'Team Red' Taiwan area will be sold at a particular store in November 18th, priced at $6300. We are responsible for arranging the distributors who are currently selling their products in Facebook. The actual selling methods, mechanisms and locations are subject to the announcement of the stores. More information on shoe listings is also available on the Kenlu Calendar news. Momentum eco Heng sports source: Nike in Stephen Chow movie Kung Fu once said in a word: "the world's martial arts, there is no strong, not broken, the only fast not broken."! Of course, with the "martial arts shoes are two different things, but it also reminds me of John Wall in NBA, the biggest advantage of - speed gallop. ESPN Sports Science (famous sports science) program, once the Wall test results, the average time from the three point position rushed to the basket in the ball and without the ball condition were 2.8 and 2.9 seconds of exaggerated performance. , however, have this ability, of course, the blessing of boots. Adidas from Crazyquick all the way to his endorsement of the shoes, until today J Wall 2 in the sky, can sniff out his configuration. In shock, adiPrene+ is Adidas time-honored technology, many people in the previous generation had been curious why not use Boost? Just think, when your speed is very fast, does the foot touch the elasticity or is the material that has toughness won't absorb the energy? Next, this outsole design is quite interesting and intuitively links to the Crazyquick series. Adidas from 90s Feet, You, Wear to Puremotion, and then to Qucik Zone, we can see that the arteries and veins are oriented toward the natural development of the soles of the feet. Even though the formal design concept has not been released, the single look from the appearance seems to be on the field control for fast changing can have better progress is no stranger to the "DC Blue" designed by the Wizards' color scheme, and Wall has been using it first when he personally exposed J Wall 2. At present, the news indicates that it is expected to debut in October, and there will be more complete information. source: Sole Collector / John Wall ESPN Sport Science00:00 2014-07-29under a pair of joint Gel Lyte V Asics will come from Concepts, this time the use of red and gray shoes. These pictures show the theme of the fire of the shoes, and therefore the use of fire red on the practice of gray, it is like a flame burning charcoal on top of. Otherwise 3M reflective details and four-color different laces - red, turquoise, grey, black. The shoe will be available for sale at Concept on August 2, 2014. X Asics Gel Lyte VCONCEPTSrelease date: 08/02/14source: HB