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item: 719864-010 release date: April 25thPrice:& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; the world's second-largest sporting goods manufacturer in Germany, Adidas recently announced to the outside, the company's second-quarter net profit compared with last year, an increase of 12% to 116 million euros, exceeding the market expected 113 million euros The profit level. Meanwhile, sales of Adidas in the second quarter increased by 5% to 2.52 billion euros. cost of the product to benefit from the decline caused by the falling dollar, the company will previously estimated gross margin of 47.5% to 48% increase to over 48%. The company said the European football championships and the Olympics stimulated the growth of market demand for the company's products, while sales of substantial growth from Asia and Latin America is to promote the increased performance of the company's main driving force. In addition, some analysts believe, although Adidas will need after ? 070 million acquisition of Ree Retro jordans for sale bok integration of business, but the entire acquisition cost this year will save the company about 175 million euros in expenses. although distance officially on sale also quite some time, but from the recent repeatedly exposed to the physical point of view, this pair of foamposite one "hologram" also is full of preheating, suede shoes changed prior to the "grey suede" color and is about to debut "olive" color, again return series of classic traditional dazzling foam uppers, silver color layout selection, and dotted with details of the rainbow; shoes will be released on November 27, No. 314996-900. Source: marqueesoleYeezy Yeezy 350, V2, Boost, "Zebra" white horse color matching boom must have been a little more calm, before we call in information, each time it is the first time drying out new Shawn Yue's "drying shoes."". Shawn Yue is on foot today, "deliver the goods" the recent popularity of extraordinary ultra limited Yeezy! Although the sun is a little bit l Cheap air jordans for sale ate, still lacks the audience. and recently, Kan ye also on foot, Yeezy 350, Boost, V2, "Zebra", appeared at the gym. Pants with black and white color collocation, it still looks some fat ... APP download [get], WeChat public number: [get movement tide], scan code with you into the forefront of Sneaker, fashion, more free shoes, true and false identification services, you experience! The name " Karhu" may be a bit strange to all of us, but the Finland running shoes brand just finished its 100 birthday last year, and was officially born again this year! The brand's two classic shoes Fusion 2 and Aria were injected into the new color, 4 running shoes are eight high quality pig leather combination mesh material shoe body, wherein Aria shoes has two colors, is a tribute to the original color. and Fusion 2 shoes bring red and blue two colors, inspired by the local red brick houses in Finland and the waters near them. It is reported that the series will be land Cheap foamposites for sale ing in April 21st . APP download [get], WeChat public number: [get movement tide], scan code with you into the forefront of Sneaker, fashion, more free shoes, true and false identification services, you experience![Chinese shoes Network - the consumer market] children's clothing prices more expensive, the quality is getting people to frown. China Consumer Association released this morning 50 kinds of children's clothing (3 years) compare test results showed that 50 batches have varying degrees of quality problems 28 batches; even more exasperating is that there is no standard products many of them are children's clothing industry, "big", like Chicco, Adidas, Hello Kitty, Nike, kenzo, GAP, mini car and so on. sample testing most expensive 1280 yuan The comparative test, to ordinary consumers purchased by CASE staff from Beijing 12 distribution sites, a total of 50 samples. Store sales include medium-sized shopping malls, supermarkets, specialty store Cheap jordans online air jordan 11 blackout for sale s, to buy cheaper per piece (sets) 12.9 yuan, expensive to reach 1,280 yuan. Samples nominal origin in addition to Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin, Guangdong, Jiangsu, Hong Kong and other regions of the country, as well as the origin of the Ukraine, India, Indonesia, Bangladesh and other countries of imports. The test results showed that 50 batches 28 batches have problems in fastness, abrasion, pH, fiber content, instructions for use and other aspects of trade. Wherein the nominal-industry International Holdings Limited of Hong Kong, Dongguan City Industrial Co., Ltd. hundred Neville Brand flower children of WISEMI cover Liu hidden long-sleeved jacket, 5 indexes color fastness, fiber content, pH, instructions, etc. are not qualified, the problem is more serious. 8 kinds of samples discounted fiber content Children's Clothing (3 years) of the fiber content of the parents is an important index when purchasing. The test, there are eight kinds of sample fiber content label Cheap jordans online and reality, including: Chicco Kids, KENZO dress and so on. A Hello Kitty infant overalls, with a nominal 98% cotton, but actually a test, only 54%. wash clothing after use "Sample no real marked fiber components, there is suspicion of shoddy", experts say, such a product would mislead the consumer, so that consumers can not understand the real ingredients, but also affect and maintenance. 3 kinds of samples of skin health threat PH value textiles exceeded, it will destroy the human skin surface acidic environment, causing itching, and skin susceptible to bacteria against the other, and even lead to dermatitis and other symptoms. Infant skin more tender, are particularly vulnerable. Therefore, the pH of textiles between the neutral or slightly acidic most beneficial to the human body. Standards: baby products (A category) pH value of 4.0 to 7.5. But this comparison test, with a pH value of the three samples exceeded the standard specified range. Like GAP infant cl Cheap foamposites for sale othing, mini car kit, WISEMI children spend brand Liu hidden long-sleeved jacket cover. In addition, color fastness press 5 9 files grading, five best and a worst. Fastness index is too low affects not only the wear and appearance, but also may cause harm to humans. The comparative test, there are 12 samples below the standard color fastness. Including the "Adidas" baby boy knitted suits, "Nike" knit jackets. There are 14 samples do not meet standards for use. "Good boy Mummy Retail Limited MOTHERCARE-GOODBABY Retail Limited" Production of tops, pants not marked product name; nominal "handsome Yoshika brand boutiques for children" does not mark the product quality level, acceptable quality inspection certificate, basic Safety requirements. Instructions useless. Related News Children's Shoes passing rate of less than Qicheng (Reporter Yang Bin) AQSIQ announced the children's clothing, children's shoes, stroller, toys and diapers five categories of children's pr cheap foamposites oducts quality checks results yesterday, showing sample pass rate of 89.3%. Wherein the shoes products, sample pass rate of less than 70 percent of children shoes. AQSIQ product quality supervision Secretary Mei Jianhua informed that from March to May this year, AQSIQ organized for children's clothing, shoes, baby, diapers, toys and children's products and other five categories of national quality supervision and inspection, a total sample of 663 production of 674 batches of products. Upon examination, 591 production of 602 batches of qualified products, 72 batches of product failure detection, product sample pass rate of 89.3%. The spot checks, children appear in the main quality problems are found and express fiber component name does not match the measured value and fiber content express the value of the standard deviation exceeds the allowable range, pH value is outside the allowable range of standard, acid perspiration, alkaline perspiration , saliva-resistant and light fastness of the project failed. The main quality problems In the children's shoes products, spot checks found that formaldehyde, hexavalent chromium in leather, wear and other items do not meet the standard requirements. According to reports, checking of products, including 33 batches of children's shoes children shoes, sneakers 64 batches, 22 batches of leather sandals, product sample pass rates were 69.7%, 95.3%, 77.3%. In addition, the quality of questions focused on the main stroller children bicycle brake handle strength, mechanical strength tricycle, dynamic endurance test children's stroller, baby walkers dynamic strength, electric carriage braking performance. (Chinese shoes Network - the most authoritative and most professional Footwear News, Media Partners: Apparel IT)??????honesty bracelets prices Great Ideas Sunny Summer Projects Lanterns Luau Decorations and Homemade balenciaga sunday I see these tables in thrift stores all the time This would be an awesome weekend project There s no place like HOME Ottomans Coffee Tables bracelets prices Great Ideas Sunny Summe" /〉 cheap wholesale shoes in usa Hawaiian Luau Party Decorations Tissue Flowers Luau Party Decorations and Luau Birthday asics running shoes price philippines Rustic decor is cheap readily available and easy to create Check out these DIY easy rustic decor ideas Easy Rustic Decor Ideas You ll Love Pinteres honesty bracelets prices Great Ideas Sunny Summer Projects Lanterns Luau Decorations and Homemade CLOT X Vapormax recently released, although the release process of striking one snag after another but the sentiment is still not low. From Edison endorsements, brings a strong visual impact, CLOT X Vapormax this pair of red Sao's DJ SODA couldn't help on foot, legs with big red Vapormax, good-looking? at the same time, today ( July 28th), the double x NikeLab AIr super eye-catching CLOT VaporMax has officially landed in Japan, will be available through the NikeLab channel, price of 22680 yen. Item: AA2241-006 is not only CLOT X Vapormax, DJ SODA is very preferred to vapormax, recently several feet up, maybe because these shoes will show leg length? APP download [get], WeChat public number: [get movement trend], scan code take you into the forefront of Sneaker, fashion trends, more free shoes true and false authentication service, you experience!MJ also remember this picture? MJ life seen countless scenes in a hall of Famer: speech unexpectedly emotional control, weep, but Jordan had not thought absolutely is the emotional picture is countless times used to spoof. And this spoof continues, recently the "classical" image were used in the shoes of the signature Sherman, Winfield and Andrew Weiss customized a snivel modelling with the air jordan 8 "Jordan crying face", the shoes air jordan 8 playoff is modeled, tongue jump man logo replaced snivel image, it is convulsed. source: sneakerbardetroit